Your Unique 

Place in the World

Sometimes you hear a voice through

the door calling you,

as fish out of water hear the waves,

or a hunting falcon

hears the drum’s come back.

This turning toward what you 

deeply love saves you.


What is that voice,

that tugging,

that whisper on the wind?

What is it you deeply love?

There is that unique, vibrant essence at the heart of each one’s being.  It is unique to each one of us, particular to each; that place, that vibrant place from which each one’s longings, one’s colors, fires, loves have arisen. They are the ones that you followed, even unwittingly, throughout your lifetime.  Again, a poem to speak of the mysterious . . . 

The Way It Is

There is a thread you follow. 

It goes among things that change. 

But it doesn’t change.

People wonder about

what things you are pursuing.

You have to explain about the thread.

But it is hard for others to see.

While you hold it you can’t get lost.

Tragedies happen; people get hurt

or die; and you suffer and get old.

Nothing you do can stop time’s unfolding.

But you don’t ever let go of the thread.

                                    ~ William Stafford

Claiming your unique place in the world, your place in the family of things, begins with noticing the voice calling through the door, running your finger along the golden thread in the fabric of your life. We can begin that claiming through the working of poems and dreams. We let your roots sink into the soils of your life, your sap to rise, your colors to enliven.

I invite you here.