Voices at dawn have secrets to tell you
Don’t go back to sleep.


Dreams are a way to access all facets of self. 

Anything that is stuck, jammed, not moving is accessible and approachable through dreams. 

As in any natural landscape, every dream is perfect for what you need. 

The dream-world is the royal road.

It is complete. 

It is a roadway to soul, specifically designed to awaken the dreamer.



 The Body Knows its way           surefooted among the rocks and deadfalls

with an instinct for edges, directions —

trust it

~ John Haag


The first step in dreamwork is through the body, identifying what feeling is alive in the body and what is happening in the body when retelling the dream.  Another question that is held in dreamwork is wondering what the dream-maker is wanting the dreamer to experience? 

Tools, techniques, attitudes that can be helpful in working with dreams are offered and/or suggested.  Working with images through art, deep imagery, or experiential body movements are often part of the process.

Photo credit:  Joe Cook