I come as a lover of poetry. To me, to many, poetry is the language of the soul. I/we utilize the poems of many different, hearts, for it takes a village to raise a child, a village to speak what needs to be spoken, a village to change the course of the river.  Read more…

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Soul Work:

Soulcraft, a word coined by Bill Plotkin, is a vision, a way of understanding, an approach utilized to enhance, deepen, bring to consciousness, call forward the relationship between the human psyche and the other than human worlds, between  the wildness found in what we refer to, as ‘nature’, and the mysterious depths of our souls. Read more…

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Dream work is a potent and meaningful guide in the journey of healing and the reclaiming of self and personal vision.  Dreams are a way to access all facets of self. Read more…

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EMDR is founded on the premise that each person has both an innate tendency to move toward health and wholeness, and the inner capacity to achieve it. EMDR is grounded in psychological science and is informed by both psychological theory and research on the brain. Read more…

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Compassionate Communication:

Compassionate Communication is a quality of consciousness based on these assumptions:
Human beings are compassionate by nature.
Contribution is a powerful human need.
Human beings are interconnected.
All human beings have the same feelings and needs  Read more…

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The HeartMath Interventions (HMI) program is a biofeedback program that emphasizes the role of the heart and heart rate variability (HRV) as a key component to the emotional system. Recent biomedical research has clarified that the heart is much more than a simple pump. Read more…