Image Credit Joe Cook

Image Credit   Joe Cook   A man is killed by an adolescent running a stop sign.  Another shooting is reported.  Elephants are slaughtered.  So many shatterings in split seconds.  Terry Tempest Williams speaks of mosaics in her book Finding Beauty in a Broken World.   How to live wholeheartedly amidst the shatterings of our lives is […]

Image credit:  Wade Britzius Life, a mosaic of colors, of harshness and beauty, asks outside this contrived, planned life, asks outside of comfort zones, or value systems.  Life moves.   No rules to follow, no dogma, no agenda, no guiding hand.  Stunning the beauty, breathtaking, heart-taking, soul food…and stripping.  Asking us to let go of all the props.   I remember my […]

  It was lovely there under the tree.  The gusts of wind rising and falling.  The dried grasses rustle now so differently than their green bodies did only a month or so ago.  The wings of locusts pulsing waves of what seemed to me today to be calls of distant hungers.  Above me hung a dead […]

rock wall that looks like a face weeping

  Today, a weight of unsung tears. This ocean in my chest; it stirs and moves, rolling in against rock and sand, without word or song. Today, simply being with its movement, rising and falling.  The sky grey, the cloud cover low, the salty sea moves in its own changing rhythms.   My belly, some dark […]

flowers growing among rocks

“Love, in truth, doesn’t need ANY other adjectives. It doesn’t require modifiers. It doesn’t require the condition of perfection…..” excerpt from poem: Dear Human by Courtney Walsh   Love doesn’t require…. Love doesn’t require you stand in line at attention or never spill milk or emotions.  It doesn’t demand knees bent or backs broken.  “It […]